BHPN Launches First Black Health Professionals Directory in Ontario


Toronto, ON – September 7, 2023 – The Black Healthcare Professionals Network (BHPN), an organization dedicated to advancing the careers of Black healthcare professionals, today launched its Black Healthcare Professional Directory, the first web-based database of Black healthcare professionals in Ontario. BHPN will also be hosting “Healthcare Connections” on September 16 at the University of Toronto Chestnut Residence, an event where experts from diverse health disciplines will discuss entrepreneurship and building businesses with purpose in the Canadian healthcare system. 

Research has shown that racial concordance can improve communications, trust and adherence to medical advice. The Directory enables the general public and healthcare providers to locate and book Black healthcare professionals in the following fields in Ontario:

  • Medical physicians
  • Pharmacists 
  • Nurses
  • Dentists
  • Physiotherapists
  • Naturopaths
  • Dietitians
  • Mental health practitioners
  • Chiropractors
  • Occupational therapists
  • Massage therapists
  • Other health professionals

This Directory aims to address the underrepresentation of Black healthcare professionals by providing a platform to connect, support and promote their careers and businesses. To better serve Black Canadians, BHPN is calling for Black healthcare professionals to join the Directory.

“Through BHPN and the Directory, we’re not just building a platform — we’re forging a movement that empowers Black healthcare professionals to rise, excel and transform the future of healthcare in Canada,” says Dr. Nikolai Whyte, Co-Founder and Managing Director of BHPN. “This initiative is a testament to our collective commitment to diversity, inclusion and entrepreneurship within the healthcare sector. Together, we’re rewriting the narrative and shaping a more representative and equitable healthcare landscape for all.”

Bridging the Gap in Canadian Healthcare

The event on September 16 signifies a monumental step towards creating a more diverse and inclusive healthcare landscape in Canada. It aims to initiate critical discussions and inspire change within the industry. The panel will discuss entrepreneurship, building a business with purpose and the role of the directory in improving access. The panelists include the following: 

  • Dr. Nik Whyte, MD is a Co-Founder of BHPN and a practicing family doctor specializing in aesthetic and bariatric medicine. Driven by his observations of a lack of Black doctors in Ontario and a need for healthcare professionals to understand business and entrepreneurship, he played a pivotal role in conceiving BHPN. As the Managing Director, Dr. Whyte oversees the organization’s operations and guides it towards achieving its goals of increasing the representation of Black healthcare providers and entrepreneurs.
  • Dr. Joan Samuels-Dennis, Ph.D is an award-winning trauma recovery expert, speaker, and author. Her revolutionary trauma recovery strategy, The Becoming Method™, has empowered countless individuals to heal and reclaim their lives. With a Ph.D. in trauma recovery, she is dedicated to promoting mental health and well-being in communities and is the founder of the Becoming Institute Inc. and Chair of the National Healing Journey.
  • Alice Wiafe, M.A.,RP., PSY(D), Can is a speaker, talk show host, author, and Associate Professor who focuses on emotional healing, particularly in the realm of anger management. Holding a Master’s degree in counseling psychology and pursuing her doctorate in Psychology, Alice’s expertise lies in helping individuals use difficult relationships as a catalyst for personal growth and well-being.
  • Dr. Sean Wharton, MD, PharmD is the Medical Director of the Wharton Medical Clinic, specializing in internal medicine, weight management, and diabetes. As an adjunct professor at McMaster University and York University, he contributes significantly to research in bariatric medicine and type 2 diabetes. Dr. Wharton’s involvement in activism for health equity includes founding the Black Medical Students Association at the University of Toronto.
  • Carl Carter R.M.T, PTS is a Registered Massage Therapist and Personal Training Specialist with a commitment to health and fitness. With experience in various massage techniques and specialties like pregnancy massage, Carl has been recognized with multiple Reader’s Choice Awards for his expertise in massage therapy and personal training.
  • Abena Addo is a Co-Founder of BHPN, an engineer and a passionate entrepreneur. Her experience as an entrepreneur for 10 years combined with her passion for business, community and health and wellness, makes her a driving force behind BHPN’s initiatives. (Moderator)

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The Black Healthcare Professionals Network (BHPN) is a healthcare organization dedicated to advancing the careers of Black healthcare professionals. Its comprehensive range of services includes networking, career development, and advocacy to enhance diversity and inclusion within the healthcare sector. BHPN also supports aspiring Black healthcare entrepreneurs through tailored business advisory services, strategic networking, and mentorship, contributing to economic growth in the Black community and fostering innovation in healthcare. BHPN is committed to reshaping the Canadian healthcare landscape, fostering greater inclusivity and equity to address the evolving needs of all communities.

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